While I do not only take one month out of the entire year to return to my roots, Black History Month is a time where the African-American community returns to their roots together. As an African-American young woman, I am inspired by the Black men of the past who have led movements and pushed for the rights I have today, but I am empowered by the women who stood beside these men; I am empowered by the women who fought for my rights as a woman of color; and I am empowered by these women to be a leader who will lead others.

The closer the breakout from high school to real life approaches the more daunting it seems. We go fromĀ  being expected to ask an adult to relieve yourself while in class, to having the immense responsibility of budgeting your finance above the bare subsistence of three Top Ramen meals a day. The leap into adulthood includes many possibilities like furthering your education at a University that can cripple your already empty pockets, submerging yourself into a competitive job pool, or for the indecisive it can even mean a gap year into lands unknown.