Why Are You Drinking a Succulent? How High Schoolers are Staying Hydrated

It’s 6:30 on a Wednesday night and senior Henry Kayser has just finished practice with his tennis partner, Max Diess, he’s tired and longs for his thirst to be quenched. He turns and unzips his backpack, out comes a green tinted bottle, it’s the notorious Alō beverage.

Aloe plant originates from the Arabian Peninsula but is now grown in multiple tropical climates

Kayser, who was introduced to Alō by his gym-owning mom, has been a fan of the beverage since middle school. He enjoys the refreshing qualities of the white grape infused drink and how the company promotes a healthy lifestyle. Kayser who is a self-declared “athlete” refers to himself as “extremely competitive” and uses aloe vera products to amplify his game.

“It’s entertaining to drink,” Kayser proclaims, “the ‘gummies’ provide a delightful experience, similar to eating, they are nice to chew on.” Wait what.. Chew a drink? Most people are revolted to hear that you can much a beverage but those “gummies” are actually “hand-filleted aloe pulp” according to Alō CEO Drew Pawlan in an interview with Vegan Trade Council. Alō prides themselves on only using sustainable products and the new chew while you drink is catching the world by storm.

Alō brand’s selection of infused beverages

The sensation and benefits of Alō have always intrigued Kayser and in an ideal world he would drink five aloe bottles a day. Henry’s good friend, and a fellow member of the Rampart staff, Holden Zeils, amplifies Kayser’s opinion on the green drink saying “If i were rich i would have aloe on tap, I would literally take a bath in it” when asked again if he was sure he would bathe in the sticky, energy beverage he confirmed, “that is accurate.”

As of the middle of April Central Catholic recycling bins are now filled with plastic, green bottles. The cactus drinking fad shows no signs of slowing down.

Visit the Alō website at: http://alodrink.com


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